OEM Style and OEM Quality HID Projector Headlights

Starr HID was created because we wanted to give people the option to have a truly “OEM Style” headlamp housing upgrade to an HID projector. Most headlight housings out there use cheap, small, unfocused projectors that don’t work very well with incandescent or HID light bulbs. People still use them because it’s all that is available most of the time. Our Starr HID headlights use OEM projectors, with OEM style Xenon/HID light bulbs, and a high quality external ballast. What this does is actually gives you what your car or truck WOULD HAVE come with from the factory if HID was an option. This isn’t a bulb conversion, this isn’t a projector retrofit, IT’S BETTER!

This is an OEM Upgrade HID Headlight for your vehicle!

This is the exact same type of headlight that the factory would have built for your vehicle if HID headlights were an option at the time.

Yes there is a difference! We use larger OEM style HID projectors, and the same style HID bulbs that you find used when a vehicle comes from the factory with xenon bulbs! This is the closest thing you can find to an OEM HID option for your car or truck!

Warning Signs (Other Brands):

  • When the “other brand” aftermarket headlight uses a  small HID projector (this means smaller/narrower beam pattern).
  • When the “other brand” aftermarket headlight uses an H1 or H3 headlight bulb (these are meant for fog lights… not headlights. They’re used in most applications because it’s CHEAP to manufacture!).
  • When the “other brand” aftermarket headlight requires an HID conversion kit (Our headlights use OEM style projectors, with OEM style HID bulbs and OEM style ballasts. No conversions here!).
  • When the “other brand” has No Warranty on the headlight (Starr HID offers a 3 year warranty on the actual housings and the bulb/ballast components!).

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Starr HID H3 Hummer Headlight

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